Who We Are

Our business was founded in Ridgefield in 1959 and has been a part of the town for over 60 years. We are a family owned and operated company that specializes in commercial and residential real estate development. Our office is located at 37 Danbury Road, right in the center of Ridgefield.

We offer apartment rentals in addition to office, retail, medical, and industrial space in the towns of Ridgefield and Danbury, Connecticut. Our Ridgefield apartments are some of the highest-quality new construction in town, are centrally-located, and contain first-class appointments, including granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Our commercial space is suitable for retail, medical, office, and service-oriented companies. In addition, we offer individual, all-inclusive office suites for those who are looking for the convenience and professionalism of an office without the associated expenses. Wifi, utilities, and rent are included in one payment.

Our History

Our company has been based in Ridgefield since its founding as a mason contracting firm by Edgardo Ippoliti in 1959. From humble beginnings as an impoverished Italian immigrant who came to America in 1954 with no money and no ability to speak English, Edgardo (Ed) and his wife Marcia eventually grew Eppoliti into one of the largest mason contractors in the state of Connecticut. Ed began with small masonry jobs, like constructing chimneys and exterior steps, eventually leveraging his business acumen and ability with people to grow his company. When he first began, Ed’s last name (Ippoliti) was incorrectly listed in the phone book as “Eppoliti”, and fearing that customers would be unable to find his phone number if he had it corrected, Ed decided to use the “Eppoliti” spelling for his business while retaining the original spelling in his personal dealings.

The company built several well-known structures in and around Ridgefield, including the brickwork of Jesse Lee Church on Main Street, the Pamby Service Center on Copps Hill Road, and the Pamby Autobody shop. Eppoliti also was responsible for all the masonry for the Yale University Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine as well as the masonry of Weselyan University Athletic Center, Whitney Grove Square in New Haven, Highview Office Center in Norwalk, and the former Miles Pharmaceutical facility in West Haven, CT.

Eppoliti’s first office was located at 10 Roberts Lane, Ridgefield, in what was previously a State of Connecticut service garage owned by well-known Ridgefielder Francis D. Martin. Ed Ippoliti bought 10 Roberts Lane along with the accompanying garage in the back of the property from Mr. Martin in 1967 and converted it into his office.

Beginning in the mid-1990s, Eppoliti transitioned from mason contracting to commercial real estate development. Under the direction of Michael Ippoliti, Edgardo’s son, our company redeveloped the construction yard and garage behind the Mobile Gas Station into an commercial complex. In 1995, our company purchased a contiguous property at 35 Danbury Road, with frontage on Route 35, expanding the complex. In 2006, our company added to our commercial real estate portfolio by purchasing 159 Danbury Road in Ridgefield.

Ed passed away in 2009, and the company continued to operate as a family business under Michael, Marcia, and Ed and Marcia’s daughter, Amy. In 2014, under Michael’s guidance, the company redeveloped 159 Danbury Road into a mixed-use building, with 12 apartments and multiple commercial spaces. It is currently home to twelve families and six businesses (Mobile Rescue, Ridgefield Glass, Brows for Life, Family Hair Care, Ridgefield Sports Medicine, and YogabyCandace.)

In 2016, our company redeveloped two adjacent properties that Ed and Marcia had purchased in the mid-1960s into a single apartment building at 7 North Salem Road to meet the shifting demographics of the town. These properties, which had been in our family for over fifty years, had a special significance, and we took special care and attention to ensure that the building we constructed reflected that fact. We believe that the resulting building houses the finest apartments in town. It is currently home to fifteen families, many of whom have lived in Ridgefield for decades, and several of whom work at local businesses in town.