Less expensive and more flexible

An executive office suite can be had for a fraction of the cost of renting traditional space. Our suites are newly constructed and vary in size, allowing you to scale your business as you grow. Traditional office space leases usually require a multi-year commitment and an expensive build out, whereas our executive suites offer shorter term, more flexible lease options and are ready to be occupied immediately.


Located in the center of Ridgefield, our suites are inclusive of utilities, internet, rent, trash removal, and common space cleaning, all covered in a single payment. These are turnkey, plug-and-play spaces; just move in and start working. This style suite is ideal for a small business, or as a work-from-home alternative.

better space in a better location

Since these suites are smaller and more flexible than traditional space, the difference in costs allows you to have higher quality space in a more desirable and conveniently-located part of town.